Range & Wall Oven - Oven Light Replacement (Glass Cover)

The interior light in your oven is easy to replace. The Owner's Manual will have specific instructions for replacing the oven light on your model. For general tips and instructions, we provide the following:


Before Replacing the oven light bulb:

  • Wait until the oven is completely cool before replacing the bulb.

  • On models with an Oven Light On/Off pad, be sure to turn off the oven light. Make sure the cover and bulb are completely cool.

  • Disconnect power to the appliance.


Removing and Replacing the oven light bulb:

  1. Turn the glass cover 1/4 turn counterclockwise. The tabs on the cover should clear the grooves of the socket.

  2. Lift off the cover.

  3. Using gloves or a dry cloth, remove the bulb by pulling it straight out. Touching the new bulb with your bare hand can damage the bulb and shorten its life. If your model has an incandescent bulb, unscrew the bulb from the socket.

  4. Replace the bulb with one of the same type. Most models use one of the following:

    • Appliance bulb: Use a new 40 watt appliance bulb. Do not use a standard 40 watt bulb.

    • Halogen bulb with 2 straight pin terminals: Use a new 120/130 volt G6.35 bulb; not to exceed 50 watts.

    • Halogen bulb with 2 looped terminals: Use a new 120/130 volt G9 bulb; not to exceed 50 watts.

  5. To replace the cover, place the tabs in the grooves of the socket and turn the cover clockwise 1/4 turn.


Note: Oven Light Bulb replacement is not covered under warranty unless the model has LED lights in the oven. These typically require service to replace.