Oven Vent Location - Electric Free-Standing Ranges with Coil Elements

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

The oven is vented through a duct under the right rear surface unit, and will release heat when either the oven or broiler is in use. This will cause that area of your cooktop to feel warm and may even seem to be turned on.

This duct needs to be cleaned frequently. To remove the duct:

  1. Lift the rear surface unit, remove the reflector pan, and lift out the duct.
  2. To reposition the duct, place the solid part of the duct over the round opening under the cooktop.
  3. Position the hole in the duct so it sets directly under the round opening in the reflector pan. The duct must be in the correct position so the moisture and vapors for the oven can be vented during use.

This information also applies to 40" double oven free-standing electric ranges.

Never cover the hole in the oven vent duct with aluminum foil or any other material. This will prevent the oven vent from functioning properly during cooking. It can also cause heat to dissipate over the entire cooktop surface.