Refrigerator - Green Light on Icemaker Flashing (Icemaker Diagnostic)

If the green light on your refrigerator's icemaker is flashing and the icemaker will not make (harvest) ice, try running the following icemaker diagnostic. This can often reset the icemaker:


Note: This is for icemakers with an On/Off switch with an LED light only.


  1. Turn the icemaker Off for 15 seconds and turn it back On.

  2. Push in on the paddle 3 times and only 3 times within 15 seconds of powering the icemaker back on.

  3. The icemaker should enter the harvest state within 3 minutes.

  4. The heater will turn on for a minimum of 20 seconds and the rake inside the icemaker will make one full revolution and return to the "Home" position. In the "Home" position, the rake teeth are even with the ice stripper teeth.

  5. At the end of 3 minutes, the icemaker mold should fill with water. The water valve energizes for 4 to 7 seconds.

  6. The green light under the On/Off switch should be on and solid (not flashing).

  7. The test is complete.


WARNING: The icemaker body can get very hot during the harvest state. Exercise caution in touching the ice mold body during the test.


Note: If the harvest state takes more than 7 minutes, the icemaker will initiate a Harvest Fix mode. In Harvest Fix mode, if the harvest state is not complete within 30 minutes, the icemaker will enter the Fault state. In the Fault state, the green light will flash. This often indicates the icemaker will need to be replaced.


Please view this Icemaker Diagnostic video:



What will make the Green Light flash?

  • A harvest time greater than 30 minutes.

  • The rake is stuck, most likely by a jammed ice cube. Clear the jam and turn the icemaker Off and back On to clear the fault.

  • Heater not operating, the mold body does not get warm. This requires icemaker replacement.

  • Motor not operating or the rake does not stop rotating. This requires icemaker replacement.


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