Dishwasher - Hums And Will Not Fill

If your Dishwasher is making a humming sound but is not filling with water, this could be due to the pump motor not running for a week or longer. This can cause the Dishwasher pump seals to dry out and stick. Operating the Dishwasher at least once a week keeps the seals from drying out and sticking.

Follow These Simple Steps to Remedy This Situation

  1. If there is water in the Dishwasher tub, remove it.
  2. Remove dishes, glasses and utensils.
  3. Completely dissolve three to four ounces of citric acid in one quart of hot tap water. Citric acid can be found at most grocery stores in the canning section. One cup of white vinegar can be substituted instead.
  4. Pour the citric acid solution into the sump area (right, rear of the Dishwasher tub bottom) and let it stand for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  5. After the time limit has expired, attempt to start the Dishwasher again.
Please Note: A solution of one cup of white vinegar and one quart of hot water can be used in place of the citric acid but it is not as effective as the citric acid solution.
Dishwasher water valves do make a hum that lasts about sixty to ninety seconds several times during the wash cycle. This is normal and should not be confused with the hum of the primary motor. You may want to check out our Dishwasher - Humming Sound article for information about normal humming sounds you may hear while your Dishwasher is operating.

Repair Required

If the above suggestions do not correct the situation, service will be required. For service, please schedule a repair appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.