Hollow, Mushy, or Small Ice Cubes

If your ice cubes are too small or are hollow or "mushy," the source of the problem will likely be one of the following:


  • A clogged water filter (on models so equipped) could cause the ice cubes to be too small or hollow. Replace the filter, dispense about 2 gallons of water (to flush the filter), and allow the icemaker to go through several cycles (and dump out the ice).
  • If there is new construction in your area, there can be more sediment entering the water system. This extra sediment can clog your filters more frequently than the recommended 6 months.
  • Replacement filters can be ordered from GE Appliance Parts. Purchase a GE Appliance part online.


  • Hollow cubes can occur when the icemaker fills too slowly or the freezer temperature is too cold.
    • The icemaker fills from the rear through an over-flow system. Water moves forward into each cube space, filling the front cube last. The thermostat is located in the front cube, so if the cubes in the rear freeze too soon, the cubes will be ejected before they are solid.
    • If the freezer temperature is below -10 degrees F, hollow cubes can also occur.

Water Supply

  • If the refrigerator was recently installed or pulled out, there could be a kink in the water supply line. Check to make sure the water supply is not bent or kinked.
  • A restriction in the water supply line could cause the ice cubes to be too small or hollow. This is a plumbing issue not an issue with the icemaker or refrigerator.
    • If a self-piercing saddle valve has been used , turn the saddle valve all the way in and then back out again. The intent is for the saddle valve to pierce the hole again, which may clear the restriction.
    • If you are using a self-tapping saddle-valve, we recommend changing it to one that is not self-tapping. Self-tapping valves do not provide a proper opening for water to pass through.
    • Saddle valves that require drilling a 1/4" hole in the pipe are the best to use, and can be purchased at local hardware or plumbing supply stores.
  • A restricted water valve on the refrigerator could also cause the ice cubes to be too small or hollow. This issue can be resolved by service.


For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.