Compactor Odor

If odor is coming from the compactor check the following:

  • Compacting food waste - food waste should not be put into the compactor. It is designed to be a trash compactor. Food waste should be deposited into a disposer or trash can.
  • Not using deodorant or spray can may be empty. Check spray can (on some models). Replace if empty.
  • Deodorant spray dispenser (on some models) not working - operate unit through one compaction cycle. Check and see if deodorant was dispensed. If not, call GE Appliance service.

To clean a compactor that has developed odors:

  1. Remove trash container from unit. Wash the ram and cabinet interior with normal household cleaners.
  2. Remove the locking ring and handle from trash container and wash the ring and container using the same cleaners.
  3. Dry the bucket thoroughly before inserting new bag.

Caution: Always check for glass fragments before cleaning.

For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.