Monogram 30” Integrated Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Sabbath Mode

The Sabbath Mode was designed for use on the Jewish Sabbath and holidays. While in Sabbath mode, the refrigerator will still operate normally but will not respond to actions by the consumer, making it possible for the consumer to refrigerate and freeze food during the duration of the Sabbath or holiday.


  1. Sabbath mode locks the controls (and main light switch) so that user input causes no perceivable changes. The cooling system still functions normally.

  2. To enable Sabbath Mode, hold down the “alarm” and “+” keys for 5 seconds. “SAB”, “alarm” and “+” will remain displayed on the control.

  3. All other controls and display lights now remain off.

  4. During Sabbath Mode, any controls (including digits, icons and tones) cannot be displayed, activated or changed by the user.

  5. During Sabbath Mode, user input will not result in solenoids being engaged or disengaged or fans turning on or off.

  6. During Sabbath Mode, a 15-25 second delay is built in between the time the thermostat calls for the compressor to the time it actually turns on.

  7. During Sabbath Mode, any power failure should return unit to same configuration as before failure.

  8. To disable Sabbath Mode, the “alarm” and “+” keys are held again for 5 seconds.


All other Monogram refrigerators require a Sabbath kit. See the model's Product Details for the specific kit.