Refrigerator Frost or Ice Crystals on Food in Freezer

Frost Inside Packages or Containers:

  • As food freezes, some of the moisture in the food is drawn to its surface and freezes as well. This can cause frost to appear on the inside of packages or containers.



Frost on Outside of Packages or Containers:

  • Opening the freezer can cause warmer, moist air to enter the freezer. This may also become frost or ice crystals on packages as the air is cooled.
Frost on Walls:
  • Ice crystals might result from a package of food or shelf preventing the freezer from sealing.   check to be sure there are no food packages that are preventing the door or drawer from sealing against the cabinet.
  • For frost in the freezer, make sure all shelves, baskets and door bins are in their correct locations and do not prevent the freezer door or drawer from closing fully.  
  • Putting warm food in the freezer, especially uncovered will cause temporary frost or ice crystals. 

These are normal occurrences and usually do not indicate a problem with the unit.