Washers - Leveling the Legs

For best wash performance adjust all four leveling legs until washer is level left-to-right and front-to-back. When washer is level, you should not be able to rock it at all when it's not running. 

1995 and newer

  • All 4 legs are nylon with 1" hex head foot pad. Front legs are adjustable up or down an inch, rear legs are self-leveling. The bottom of the nylon feet are rubber.

  • To set the rear self-leveling system, tip the machine forward so that the rear legs are about 4" off the floor. Then drop the washer to set the rear legs. They will automatically adjust to the level of the floor.

  • View a short video about leveling the washer:  


1994 and earlier

  • Tip the machine back so the 2 front legs are off the ground.

  • Use a 2" x 4" piece of wood under the front to support the legs. Use a 3/8" wrench to tighten both jam nuts securely against the base of the washer. To tighten the jam nut, turn counter-clockwise, to loosen turn clockwise.

  • To set the rear self-leveling system, follow procedure outlined in 1995 models, above.


Spacemaker models vary - refer to the Installation Instructions for leveling directions. Download a copy of the Installation Instructions.