Dishwasher "Blocked Wash Arm" Display

A "Blocked Wash Arm" display appears on electronic models only. It will appear 45 seconds after a fill period. The cycle will stop, but you may override the system by pressing START while the door is closed. It means that the control is not getting the magnetic pulse that indicates that the wash arm is rotating at a minimum 45 revolutions per minute.

The following table lists the causes of a "Blocked Wash Arm" display, along with possible solutions you may use to resolve the problem yourself:

1) Silverware or dishes jammed against wash arm or food caught.Remove obstruction. Note: Often a small handle or lug on a dish will protrude below the dishwasher rack and stall the wash arm, but still allow the rack to roll in and out.
2) Insufficient water in dishwasher to turn wash armCheck water level.
3) Malfunction in dishwasher circuitry.You can override the malfunction by pressing START after the fault code appears and without opening the door. If problem persists, contact service. Schedule your service appointment online.