Dishwasher - Explanation of Cycle Indicator Lights

Generally speaking, electronic control models have light emitting diode (LED) indicators that take extremely small amounts of electricity. The lights go off after a period of time if the dishwasher is not started. Pushing any button or opening and closing the door will re-illuminate the lights. If the dishwasher was started, the lights will remain on until the dishwasher door is opened at the end of the cycle.

  • The lights on timer models (turn-to-start) are neon lights. These take extremely small amounts of current to operate and are on whenever the dishwasher door is latched. As soon as the door is unlatched, the lights will go out.

  • On older models, indicators above cycle selection pad are flags (colored plastic indicators), not lights. These indicators remain visible as long as the feature is selected, but do not use any electricity to remain on.  


It is best to refer to your Owner's Manual for information about light operation because the light features are model specific. Download a copy of your Owner's Manual.