Microwave - Using Metal or Foil

Metal cookware should not be used in a microwave. Metal will not allow microwaves to penetrate the food, so any food behind the metal will not be cooked. The metal could also cause arcing inside the oven.
Metal and foil can be used safely and effectively with the convection cooking feature in a microwave convection oven.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be safely used in a microwave, but certain guidelines must be followed to prevent damage to the oven. The following describes the proper use of aluminum foil when microwaving:
  • Aluminum foil is sometimes used to shield portions of a food item to prevent overcooking. For example, it may be used on the leg tips and wings of a turkey or ends on a leg of lamb. It should be a small amount of foil when applied and it should also be pressed close to the food item. No foil should be sticking up or out away from the food product. "Flags" or loose pieces of foil sticking up off the food will work as antenna which could cause arcing.
  • Do not completely cover any food item with aluminum foil. Do not leave metal twist ties that may be on bread packages or other food items in plastic bags when warming them in a microwave. The metal twist ties act as an antenna and will cause arcing and possible damage to the oven.
  • A metal clamp on a turkey will have to be left in while defrosting since it is frozen into the bird. It is not a problem because of the size of the food product and the majority of the metal clamp is covered by portions of the bird. However, the clamp should be removed once the bird has defrosted and is ready for cooking in the microwave.

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