Washers Pre-Wash and Soak Cycles

The Pre-Wash and Soak cycles provide an extra cycle for heavily soiled clothes. The Pre-Wash cycle is for use when clothes are excessively soiled. The cycle will go through the following sequence: Soak, agitate, and spin.

The Soak cycle is for use with most soaking aids to loosen embedded soils and stains. The washer turns off at end of the pre-wash and soak cycles. It must be reset for the desired wash cycle. Detergent must also be added again for the desired wash cycle.

On models without a soak cycle, soaking can be accomplished by allowing the washer to fill with water and agitate for a few minutes. Then push the selector knob in to stop the agitation. Pull the selector knob back out after the desired soak time and allow the cycle to continue from that point.