Washer and Dryer - Clean Speak

Clean Speak allows washers with this feature to communicate with compatible dryers via a communication cable. Any 2012 and newer Clean Speak washers and dryers are compatible with each other. When the cable between the washer and dryer is connected, the washer sends a signal to the dryer at the end of the wash cycle to indicate the preferred dry cycle.


Watch the video below to see how Clean Speak works:



Smart Models

Models with Built-In or Optional WiFi can communicate wirelessly and do not need the communication cable for Clean Speak when the SmartHQ™ app is used. WiFi Optional models will need the ConnectPlus Module powered by SmartHQ (PBX23W00Y0) to connect wirelessly. Using the WiFi features also allows control over other washer and dryer features. For more information, visit Smart Washers & Dryers.


The following will show on the display:

  • "CYCLE" will scroll across the cycle time display.

  • The current dryer settings (LEDs) will be lit and solid.

  • The washer recommended settings (LEDs) will be lit and blinking. Note: If the recommended settings match the current settings, the LEDs will be solid, not blinking.

When Start is pressed, the dryer will use the current (solid) LED settings.

To use the washer recommended settings: Turn the dial to the blinking LED settings. This will make the washer recommended setting the "current" setting.

  • To ignore the washer recommended settings: Press Start or turn the dial to the new desired settings.

If the dryer is not started within 5 minutes after the washer sends the signal to the dryer (or if the door is opened), the control will time out and go into an idle state. The dryer will retain the wash cycle information while idle, and automatically returns to Clean Speak mode when Power is pressed to "wake up" the controls.

If there is a power outage or the dryer is unplugged while in Clean Speak mode, the wash cycle information will not be retained. The dryer will return to the Standby state.

Note: On models manufactured prior to September 2015, the cable is included with the dryer. Models manufactured in September 2015 do not come with the cable; the optional cable can be purchased from GE Appliance Parts.