GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater - Fault & Error Codes

The GeoSpring’s advanced electronic control allows the water heater to continuously perform self-diagnostics which provides the consumer with early and accurate detection of any operating malfunction and alerts the consumer immediately if an error has occurred.


The digital display provides a fault code that the consumer can communicate to the servicer to help identify the type of error, and ensure the product can be repaired on the first visit.

 Fault Code



 F-A* T4 Not Rising Call service
 F-B* Discharge Temp Not Stable Call service
 F-C Evaporator Not Frost Free Call service
 F-D Superheat Too Low Call service
 F-E Discharge Temperature Above Limit Call service
 F-F Electronic Expansion Valve Out of Range Call service
 F-G T5 Ambient Temperature Check Technician service data
 F-H* Compressor Load Test Technician service data
 F-I Refrigerant Leak Test Call service
 F-J* Concurrent Load High Current Call service
 F-L* Evaporator Not Defrosting Call service
 F2 T2 Tank Temperature Sensor Call service
 F3 Compressor Failure Call service
 F4 Fan Failure Call service
 F5 T3a Sensor (Evap inlet temperature) Failure Call service
 F6 T3b Sensor (Evap outlet temperature) Failure Call service
 F7 T4 Sensor (Compressor outlet) Failure Call service
 F8 T5 Sensor (ambient temperature) Failure Call service
 F9 Lower Heating Element Failure Call service
 F10 Upper Heating Element Failure Call service
 F11 Dry Tank Fault Turn power off to unit , fill tank with water per manual, then turn power back on.
 bAd linE (F12) The voltage is too low at power-up Turn power off to unit, correct wiring issue, then turn power back on.
 F13 Stuck Key Fault Call service
 Dirty Filter (F14) Filter is dirty See owner's manual for cleaning instructions
 F15 DataFlash Fault Call service
 F16* Anode Rod Depleted Call service, see 'Anode Rod Maintenance & Service' info in owner's manual.
 F17* Empty Tank or Anode Rod Wired Incorrectly Call service
 F18* Current Transformer Wired Incorrectly Call service
 F19* Low Line Voltage Technician service data
 F20* Condensate Drain Pan Port Clogged See owner's manual for cleaning instructions
 F21* Application Update Failure Call service
 F22* Parametric Date Updated Failure Call service
 F23* Micro A/D Failure Call service

* Some models


This information is provided as a point of reference only. Anytime an error code is displayed service will be required.


Note: Any failure of the heat pump will result in an automatic switch to the resistance heat mode to ensure a constant supply of hot water.


For service and support on the GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater, please contact 1-888-443-4394, Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.