GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater Sounds

The following list represents some of the sounds associated with the operation of the GE GeoSpring hybrid electric water heater.

Unit is too quiet / not making any sound:The GE GeoSpring Hybrid water heater can be set to different Modes which have different sounds or NO sound. "STANDARD ELECTRIC MODE" - This mode uses only the upper and lower heating element to heat the water, it is the fastest mode that is the LEAST energy efficient. However, because this mode does NOT use the heat pump or fans, there will be NO SOUND associated with this setting.

I hear the sound of a fan running:Some amount of fan noise is normal (similar to the blower on a central heating and cooling system). If you hear an abnormal noise like a knocking, we recommend having an authorized servicer inspect the water heater.

The sound level has been increasing over the last weeks or months:The filter may be getting dirty, thus making the fans work harder. Check to see if filter needs to be cleaned.

I hear a rumbling sound:Scale and mineral deposits build up on the heating elements creating a rumbling sound. Contact a plumber for assistance.

I hear a popping sound:Contact a plumber or the water utility company to correct. This sound is coming from heat and pressure building up in the tank from the relief valve being closed or plugged.

Beeping sound:Look for an error message on the display panel. Follow the directions on the control panel to resolve the issue.