GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater Blowing Cold Air

The GeoSpring Hybrid and eHeat modes save energy by using a small amount of the heat from the air in your home to heat the water in the tank by way of a Heat Pump. The by-product of the heat pump system is cold air that is approximately 3-5 degrees cooler than the ambient air around the GeoSpring. The warm air is pulled through the system by fans to heat the water, then the remaining cooler air is moved out the back of the heater.

If the room where the water heater is stored is smaller than 10-by-10 feet, then it must have a vented or louvered door or other means to allow air exchange with surrounding rooms.

An optional GE Appliance ducting kit is now available to enable flexibility of installation in living areas and confined spaces for maximum comfort.

  • The part number of this kit is GVK8HS.
  • The following GeoSpring models are compatible with the GE ducting kit: GEH50DEEDSCA; GEH50DEEDSCB; GEH50DEEJSCA; GEH80DEEJSCA; GEH50DEEDSRA; GEH50DEEDSRB; GEH50DFEJSRA; GEH80DFEJSRA

You can temporarily stop the cold air and fan noise coming from the unit by pressing the STOP COLD AIR button on model GEH50DNSRSA.

  • You can adjust the number of days this feature will remain on by using the UP and DOWN arrow buttons and pressing ENTER . (The Default is 3 days.)
  • The unit will automatically return to your previous operating mode after the number of days selected has passed. (During this time the unit will operate in STANDARD ELECTRIC MODE).