True European Convection Systems

True European Convection Systems is:

A 6-pass broil element in the top of the oven and a 6 or 8-pass bake element in the bottom of the oven are used in conjunction with a third heating element. This third element is a 2500-watt, double-loop element located in the back wall of the oven, and it surrounds the convection fan. The convection fan reverse direction to allow air to better circulate around the food. Performance testing has shown that reversing the fan produces more evenly browned baked goods, which eliminates the need for turning food or rotating pans.

All convection ovens offer:

  • Convection Bake
  • Convection Roast
  • Conventional (Thermal) Bake
  • Conventional (Thermal) Broil


During any of the convection functions, the convection fan will operate the entire cooking time, though the fan will turn off when the oven door is opened.

  • On electric ranges, the fan begins when the convection cycle is set.
  • On gas ranges, the fan begins once preheat has completed, and it will cycle off each time the unit calls for heat. Although the convection fan will come on to assist with preheating in a conventional cooking cycle, the fan will turn off once the desired temperature is attained.
Other information:
  • The convection fan is not used during the self-cleaning process. It also does not vent the oven, so there will not be any type of CFM rating, and it does not assist in cooling the unit at the close of a cooking or self-cleaning cycle. Only the cooling fan has this function; it is normal for the cooling fan to run until the oven has sufficiently cooled, which can take up to 2 hours.
  • Do not leave the door open for long periods of time during convection cooking or you may shorten the life of the convection fan and/or the third, back heating element.