Dishwasher - Canceling the Delay Start Option

The Delay Start feature allows you to set the dishwasher now but have it start later. Our newer dishwasher models call the feature Delay Hours. Most models allow the start of the dishwasher cycle to be delayed up to 8 hours although some models can be delayed up to 12 hours.


To cancel the Delay Start or Delay Hours option:

  • Press the Delay Start pad until the hours of delay indicator goes off. On most models, pressing and holding the Start or Start/Reset pad for 3 seconds will cancel any set cycle, including the Delay Start cycle.

  • The Delay Hours pad does not have an Off selection. You can scroll through the delay start hours by pressing and releasing the Delay Hours pad repeatedly until no delay hours number shows in the control panel display. For models with a Delay Hours pad, you can also press and hold down the Start pad for 3 seconds. This will cancel the entire wash cycle including the Delay Hours setting.


For more information on the operation of your dishwasher, please consult the Owner's Manual for your dishwasher model.