Wall Ovens & Ranges - White Spots in Interior

White spots on the interior oven liner are often caused by spattering from foods like self-basting turkeys, standing rib roasts, etc. or residue from soaps, detergents, or cleaners left on the porcelain surface prior to oven use or prior to using the self-cleaning cycle.

To Prevent White Spots:
  • Wipe oven liner thoroughly with a damp cloth (water only) to remove spatters, detergents, etc. before using the oven again.
Removing White Spots Once they Appear:
  1. Vigorously scrub with vinegar (white or brown) using a plastic scrubber and rinse thoroughly with water. The white spots may seem to disappear when dampened with water, but could reappear when dry.
  2.  Use of a soap-filled sponge scrubber may be used. These should only be used if the spots reappear and not for basic everyday cleaning. Make sure that the residue from the soap filled pad be wiped off thoroughly with water.