Dishwasher Upper Rack Removal

The dishwasher upper rack is not removable on all models. Models with removable upper racks will have instructions listed in the owner's manual. Although it is not recommended to do this on a regular basis unless listed in the owner's manual, the upper rack can be removed on some models. Download a copy of your Owner's Manual

Please see the instructions below:

Prior to 1993:

Top rack rails have an end cap that can be pried off by bending metal tabs at the end of the rail. The rack will then pull out while the rails remain in the dishwasher. If repeated often, bending of the rail tabs will break them and the entire rail must be replaced.

1993 to Current:

Plastic and Hybrid tub models:

  • Models listed as having a "Removable" upper rack: check the owner's manual for directions.
  • Models not listed as having a removable upper rack: There is a tab on the front end caps. To remove, stick a screwdriver behind the last peg behind the tab, push back towards the dishwasher wall and then turn tab inward carefully. Be gentle, the tabs may break. The tabs snap back in the same way.
View a short video on end cap removal/installation: 

Stainless tub models:

  • Models listed as having Removable, Adjustable Upper Racks: Check the owner's manual for directions. These models have easily removable upper racks, designed to be removed when washing large items in the lower rack.
  • Models listed as having "Height Adjustable" upper racks: These adjustable upper racks are not designed to be removed except by a technician.