Air Conditioner Energy Saver Switch

The Energy Saver Switch is a feature on many room air conditioners that provides the opportunity for lower operating costs. When the air conditioner comes on, the default mode is always "Energy Saver" mode. Once the unit is on, the mode can be switched to another mode if desired.

The Energy Saver Switch controls fan operation. Setting the switch to "NORMAL" causes the fan to run continuously, and it provides the closest temperature control variance. Placing the switch in the "SAVE" position causes the fan to cycle on and off with the compressor. This option reduces power consumption and, in turn, produces an opportunity for savings.

Some models may require removing the front grill to gain access to the switch. Markings on this model will state "FAN CYCLE" and "FAN CONTINUOUS". "FAN CYCLE" is the equivalent of the "Save" position.

When in Energy Saver mode, there will be a larger variance in the temperature since there is no circulation of cool air in the room with the fan off.