Compactor Capacity

GE AppliancesĀ has manufactured two styles of compactors, one with a square bucket and one with a round bucket. We stopped manufacturing the round bucket models in 1993. TheĀ dimensions of the round bucket are 13 1/2" in height and 14 3/4" in diameter.

  • The capacity of these compactors depends on the material that is in the compactor. Compactors are capable of compacting up to a week's accumulation of trash, or three to four twenty gallon cans of trash. The bulkier the items, (metal cans, bottles) the quicker the compactor bucket will fill up.
  • The compactor is designed to accept most waste items put into regular garbage cans, including paper, cans, bottles, light bulbs, plastic containers and food waste.

The general rule of thumb is, as long as the item or items will fit in the bucket and the door will shut, the compactor will compact it.