Dryer Automatic Dry Control

The automatic dry control may increase the life of fabric by helping to prevent overdrying. The automatic thermostat control (ATC) system continuously senses the temperature of the air in the dryer drum and determines the amount of time necessary to dry a load of clothes.

  • The heat will turn off and on throughout the cycle a number of times. This is normal.
  • The timer will advance intermittently, but will continue to advance until it turns the dryer off automatically.
  • Total drying times will vary depending on the size of the load, the types of fabric and the amount of moisture in the clothing.
  • The MORE DRY setting allows the dryer to remove the most moisture from the clothing.
  • The LESS DRY setting indicates that a small amount of moisture is to be left in the clothing (to prevent wrinkling, etc.).
  • This cycle was previously¬†called Auto-Dry in GE models and Auto Sensi-Dry inHotpoint models. More Dry on GE models and Heavy on Hotpoint models.


The only difference between the automatic regular cycle and the automatic permanent press cycle is the cool down period at the end of the permanent press cycle.