Microwave Stand Time

In microwave cooking, the food continues to cook after the oven stops operating due to heat still being conducted by the molecule movement in the food. The temperature of food can increase up to 30 degrees during standing time. The standing time allows for evening distribution of the heat and finishes the cooking process.


As a rule of thumb, 20% of total cooking time should be recommended as a standing time prior to serving. The following guidelines can be applied where no recommended stand times are given:

  • 1-3 minutes for small, individual, or delicate items (eggs)
  • 5 minutes for most vegetables, cakes, sauces.
  • 10 minutes for main dishes and more dense foods (roast type meats)
  • 15 minutes for large items such as turkeys, larger roast, etc.

If the food item still does not appear cooked after standing, it may be returned to the oven for additional cooking with no harmful effects.