Microwave Cooking Time vs. Conventional Cooking Time

For many foods, microwave cooking saves you time in preparing foods. It can cook many of your favorite foods in up to 75% less time than conventional gas or electric ranges.

Here are a few typical foods and a comparison chart of Microwave and Conventional cooking times:

FoodMicrowave Cooking TimeConventional Cooking Time
Chili (6)15 Minutes40 Minutes
Baked Apple (1)3-4 Minutes45 Minutes
Stuffed Peppers (6)22 Minutes60 Minutes
Fresh Asparagus (1 pound)9 Minutes22 Minutes
Lasagna17 Minutes45 Minutes
Brownies4-7 Minutes25-30 Minutes

Microwave Cooking gives you the convenience of:

  • Choosing menus right out of your freezer
  • Preparing foods in proper serving dishes with less pots and pans to wash.
  • The use of paper plates which can be tossed away!
  • The ease of re-heating foods.
  • The flexibility of quick cooking a snack or meal.

The microwave energy from the magnetron tube is absorbed by the food and reflected from the oven walls so the heat in cooking with microwaves is confined to the food itself. Your microwave oven interior stays cool in most instances.