Microwave Power is Off

If the microwave shuts down during a cooking cycle and appears to have no power, check the house circuit breaker and verify the outlet is getting power. You can try plugging something else into the outlet, like a night light, lamp, etc. If the outlet is getting power, the microwave may have overheated.

Overheating can occur after several minutes of cooking (long cooking times) or if the microwave air clearance requirements have not been met. Please consult the Owner's Manual regarding air clearances for your particular model. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.

If the microwave turns off before the set time is complete, it can be due to a covered or blocked oven vent around the case. Uncover the vent or reposition the oven so that the vents are not blocked. This will assure adequate airflow around the oven.

Wait approximately 30 minutes to see if the microwave power returns. If power does not return to the microwave, this signals a problem. For service, please schedule a service appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.