Microwave Using a Browning Dish

Microwaves do not brown as readily as conventional cooking, therefore browning dishes are very helpful. Browning dishes simulate a fry pan or skillet so that foods such as steaks, chops, hamburgers, and even french toast can be prepared. Browning dishes are a pyroceramic material with metal imbedded in it. Most must be preheated in the microwave so that the metal superheats the surface creating a griddle effect. Be careful because they get very hot.


We always recommend that the manufacturer's directions be followed but below are a few guidelines:

  • Do not use a browning dish on a microwave shelf. You must put it on a clean oven floor. If the microwave has a removable glass tray on the floor, be sure to leave the glass tray in place.
  • Preheating times vary according to the size of the dish, food used, etc. Follow the manufacturer's directions.
  • Always start with minimum time, increasing the time for more browning.
  • Partially frozen foods brown more slowly than refrigerator temperature food.
  • Excess moisture decreases browning. Dry meats with paper towel first.
  • Flatten or press food with a spatula occasionally to increase browning.
  • Do not use a cover for crisper, browner foods.
  • Rotating the dish during cooking produces more even cooking. The dish will be hot.
  • When using the dish a second time, preheating time is usually cut in half.