Microwave Signal Is Not Making Sound

If the display responds to the buttons being pressed but the microwave does not beep, the microwave may be a model with a beeper volume control.

To change the beeper volume:

  1. Press the button marked SOUND, SOUND LEVEL, or BEEPER VOLUME.
  2. Press a number 0 thru 3. 3=LOUD 2=NORMAL 1=SOFT 0=OFF (NO BEEPS)
  3. After approximately 7 seconds the display should return to the clock.

If these instructions do not apply to your model, please refer to your specific Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual

If the microwave is not responding to the buttons being pressed (the display does not change) but the display is lit and the light inside comes on when the door is opened, it may be the following:

  • It could be holding a set of instructions that were given to it but were either never started or completed. Try pressing CLEAR/OFF (or RESET on some models).
  • ¬†On models with a lock feature, it is possible that the control panel has been locked. Generally, an "L" or the word "LOCKED" will be in the display. To unlock, press and hold the CLEAR/OFF button for 3 seconds.

If the microwave shows no signs of having power:

  • Check first to see that the 3-prong plug is inserted firmly into a proper outlet.
  • Check to see if the wall outlet is working properly. If it is not, check the circuit breaker or household fuse to see if it is working. You can check that easily at the circuit box for the house.
  • If there is power to the outlet, and there is still no power to the microwave, try unplugging the microwave for 30 seconds. Reconnect power.

If there is still no sign of power, the microwave will need service. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.