Microwave - How to Cook Frozen Pizza

Follow these general guidelines for cooking frozen pizza in a microwave:


SizePackage WeightMicrowave Time On High
8-9 inches8-9 ounces4-6 minutes
10-11 inches11-15 ounces5-7 minutes
11 inches15-18 ounces6-8 minutes
11-12 inches20-25 ounces7-11 minutes
Pizza On French Bread10 1/4-12 3/8 ounces7-8 minutes
Mini Pizza 4,6,8 Pack7 1/4 ounces3-5 minutes
Mini Pizza 4,6,8 Pack 15 1/2- 16 ounces7 1/4 ounces6-7 minutes


The crust will be soggy unless a browning dish that is preheated is used or the pizza is microwaved following the instructions on the pizza box. A pizza stone should not be used in the microwave.