Microwave Popcorn Does Not Pop

Popcorn may not pop due to the following reasons:

  • An improper utensil being used, such as placing the corn in a bag or container. 
  • The wattage of the microwave oven may be too low. Usually, at least 500 watts is required to generate enough heat to pop popcorn.
  • The popcorn is stale or of poor quality. Use fresh, good quality popping corn with a high moisture content specifically designed for microwaves. Old popcorn may not have enough moisture to pop.
  • Remove the microwave rack, if applicable, before attempting to cook the popcorn.
  • Other reasons that popcorn may not cook properly:
    • Using low fat popcorn instead of regular
    • Using a small bag size
    • Putting the bag upside down on the tray
    • Refrigerated popcorn may take longer.