Microwave Auto Reheat

Auto Reheat is designed for reheating precooked foods. It operates off the auto-cook humidity sensor. The ideal cooking temperatures for "reheat" are 150-160 degrees F. These temperatures are required to kill bacteria that could be in the food.

The sensor needs a burst of steam from the food. The food should be covered; however, it is important to vent a corner to allow the steam to build up under the cover and then escape.

The use of the metal shelf is not recommended when using the Auto Reheat cycle. It may cause the humidity sensor to be inaccurate.

There are three types of Auto Reheat:

  1. Touch the AUTO REHEAT pad. The unit will automatically start.
  2. Touch the AUTO REHEAT and then START. The microwave displays "reheat" until the steam is sensed. Then the display will show the remaining reheat time in minutes and seconds.
  3. Touch the AUTO REHEAT pad and then enter one of the following codes:
    • Cook code 1 is for room temperature food. "Room T" will be on the display.
    • Cook code 2 is for refrigerated food. "Chill" will be on the display.
  4. Touch the START pad to begin. The microwave displays the word Chill" or "Room T" until steam is sensed and then the remaining cooking time will appear.
  5. Stir, if necessary, then touch the START pad again and the food will finish cooking. For model specific information see the Owner's Manual. Download a copy of an Owner's Manual.