Dishwasher - Rubber Filler Strips

Packed with many dishwashers are three color-matched rubber strips that look like gaskets.


When the door is closed, there is a gap between the door and the tub. These filler (trim) strips are used to fill that gap and provide a more finished look. By filling in the gap, this also helps reduce the normal sounds that a dishwasher makes, therefore making it more quiet.

  • One side of the filler has a channel that snaps onto the outer tub, with the rubber flap facing outwards toward the door.
  • One of the filler strips fits along the top of the dishwasher, and the others down each side.
  • They come in four colors: white, black, almond (no longer available), and bisque, and are matched with the color dishwasher you have chosen.

Note: It is easier to install the filler strips before sliding the dishwasher into place. Check the Installation Instructions for your specific model for directions. Download a copy of the Installation Instructions.