Dishwasher - Tub Trim Pieces

Packed with many dishwashers are two or three color-matched rubber strips that look like gaskets. These are tub trim pieces that are installed on the edge of the dishwasher tub. They are not actually a gasket but are a trim piece.


When the dishwasher is installed and the door is closed, there is a gap between the door and the tub as well as a small gap between the tub and cabinet. These tub filler strips or tub trim strips are used to fill that gap and provide a more finished look. By filling in the gap, this also helps reduce the normal sounds that a dishwasher makes, therefore making it more quiet.

  • One side of the filler strip or trim strip has a channel that snaps onto the edge of the outer tub with the rubber flap facing outwards toward the door.

  • When three filler or trim strips are included with a dishwasher, one of the trim strips fits along the top of the dishwasher and the other two go on each side. When two filler or trim strips are included, they just go on each side of the outer tub.

  • They come in two colors: black and white. They are color matched with the color dishwasher you have chosen.


In the Installation Instructions for a dishwasher in the Parts Supplied section, it will say Tub Trim Pieces (On Some Models). The Tub Trim Pieces are included with stainless steel tub models. They are not included with plastic tub models. For all plastic tub models, you can order the side trim pieces as a part from our GE Appliances Parts & Accessories website. There is no top trim piece for plastic tub models since the top of the tub should not be visible. The part number for the side trim piece is WD08X10096 (white) or WD08X10094 (black).


Note: It is easier to install the filler strips or trim pieces before sliding the dishwasher into place. You can check the Installation Instructions for the specific model you own for directions.