Dishwasher- Selecting and Using a Rinse Agent Properly

Using a rinse agent is important, especially in hard water areas. A rinse agent breaks down the surface tension of water, improving water flow off the dishes. This reduces drying time as well as water spotting and streaking. The rinse aid dispenser releases a few drops of a wetting agent in

Rinse agents may be found at any grocery or retail store in the dishwasher detergent section. We recommend a high quality rinse agent such as Cascade® Platinum™ Power Dry™ Rinse Aid or Finish® Jet-Dry® Rinse Aid.

The rinse agent dispenser holds 3.5 oz. (104 ml) of rinse agent. Under normal conditions, this will last approximately one month.


Adding the Rinse Agent

  1. Make sure the dishwasher door is fully open.

  2. Open the rinse agent dispenser door.

  3. Slowly add rinse agent until the cup is full. You may need to pause several times to allow rinse aid to settle. NOTE: Indicator window does not light up.

  4. Clean up any spilled rinse agent with a damp cloth to prevent foam from forming inside the dishwasher.

  5. Close the rinse agent dispenser door.


Adjusting the Setting

  1. Open the Rinse Agent dispenser door

  2. Turn the adjuster clockwise to increase the amount of rinse agent, counterclockwise to reduce the amount of rinse agent.

When you fill the dispenser, the rinse aid will last about a month, depending on usage. How often you run the dishwasher makes a difference, as will the rinse aid setting. The Max setting uses more rinse aid, so the dispenser may need to be filled more frequently.

Rinse Agent Indicator 

  • On some models, the indicator is a window next to where rinse aid is added. It is a clear tube that shows the liquid rinse aid amount in the window.

  • On some models, there is an indicator light that shows when the rinse aid is low.

  • On some models, there is a "dip stick" attached to the lid for checking the level of the rinse aid.

  • On some models, you can check to see if there is a rinse agent in the dispenser by pressing the clear center of the fill cap 2 or 3 times. If rinse agent is drawn into the center of the fill cap, you have enough. If the center area remains clear, add rinse agent.


For model specific information about rinse aid use and the dispenser, consult your Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.


View short videos about checking and filling the rinse aid dispenser (varies by model):