How to Get the Best Wash Performance from Your Dishwasher

There are four important factors for good wash performance in all areas of your dishwasher:

  1. Loading the dishes
  2. Water temperature
  3. Detergent
  4. Rinse Aids



  • Top Rack - The top rack is for glasses, cups and saucers.
    • Cups and glasses fit best along the sides.
    • This is also a good place for dishwasher-safe plastics and all kinds of odd-shaped utensils.
    • All items should be placed facing down towards the spray arm.
    • Do not block wash system parts including spray arms and towers located in the lower and/or upper racks.
  • Bottom Rack -Large items such as broiler pans and cookie sheets should go along the sides.
    • Load platters, pots and bowls along the sides, in corners, or in the back, and at an angle so that water can come up, in and around them.
    • On most models, a wash tower rises through the center of the bottom rack during the cycle. Do not block the circular opening through which this tower rises.
    • Some models have a mid-level spray arm - it is important not to block this arm. Spin the spray arm before each load to make sure it is free to rotate.
  • View a short video about proper loading:

Water Temperature

  • The entering water must be at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit and not more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The water temperature can be checked with a candy or meat thermometer by turning on the faucet nearest the dishwasher. Place the thermometer in a glass and let the water run into the glass until the temperature stops rising.
  • Let the water run in the sink until it gets hot before you start the dishwasher.

Fresh Detergent

  • It is important to keep your detergent fresh and dry.
  • Discard detergent if it gets old or lumpy because old detergent may not dissolve and can leave a gritty residue.
  • Store the detergent in a closed container.
  • Do not put detergent into the dispenser until you're ready to wash dishes. It might not stay fresh or dry.
  • View a short video about the proper detergent to use:

Rinse Aid

  • Rinse Aids allow water to sheet off glass and dinnerware which prevents spotting and improves overall drying performance.
  • View a short video about checking and filling the rinse aid dispenser:

White Film: While Film on Glassware, Dishware and the Interior

For more information about getting the best performance from your dishwasher, consult your Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.