Cleaning Coil Surface Units

Heating elements do not generally require manual cleaning: soil burns off during normal usage. Any excessive grease or oil should be wiped from the surface unit after it has cool, and prior to using it again.

To clean the coil surface burners on an electric range:

  • Set the unit on HIGH.
  • Allow the soil to burn off for approximately one minute.
  • Turn the unit OFF.


  • Let the unit cool completely before handling.
  • Avoid spilling any cleaning materials on the coils. Should this occur, wipe off any cleaning products with a damp paper towel before heating the unit.
  • Do not clean plug-in surface units in the self-cleaning oven or the dishwasher.
  • Do not immerse any electric coil surface unit in water.
  • Discoloration of coil supports and/or the Sensi-Temp cap/medallion can occur as a result of oxidation.  This is normal.  Oxidation can be removed by cleaning with Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Brightener: WB02T10111
    • There is no aluminum in the Sensi-Temp cap/medallion.