Oven Calibration - Controls with Number Pads

If your gas or electric oven temperature does not match your expectations, you can calibrate (adjust) your oven temperature. The steps for oven calibration depend on the type of oven controls.

For models with a digipad (number pads):

  1. Press the BAKE and BROIL HI/LO pads at the same time for 2 seconds until the display shows SF.
  2. Press the BAKE pad. A two digit number shows in the display. Press the BAKE pad once to increase (+) the oven temperature, or twice to decrease (–).
  3. The oven temperature can be adjusted up to (+) 35°F. hotter or (–) 35°F. cooler. Press the number pads the same way you read them. For example, to change the oven temperature 15°F, press 1 and 5.
  4. When you have made the adjustment, press the START pad to go back to the time of day display. Use your oven as you would normally.

This adjustment will not affect the broiling or self-cleaning temperatures. It will be retained in memory after a power failure.

Consult your Owner's Manual for directions specific to your model. Download a copy of your Owner's Manual