Top Load Washer Shipping Rod

Top-load washers are shipped with one of three types of ways to keep the tub stable during transport and installation:

  • Shipping Rod (prior to 2013)
  • Styrofoam at the top of the tub opening (2013 and newer)
  • Cardboard cone under the washer (2015 and newer)

To determine which type your model uses and how to remove the shipping material, consult the Installation Instructions for that model. Download a copy of the Installation Instructions

On models with a shipping rod, it is located on the right side panel, toward the bottom of the washer, between the front and rear legs. It is 23" long and keeps the tub in place during shipping.


If this rod has not been removed prior to operating the washer, the machine will vibrate and be noisy. We suggest that once the machine has been moved into its permanent place, remove the rod and store for future use should you want to move the washer.

Check the shipping rod: