Benefit of Automatic Pilotless Ignition on Gas Ranges

The automatic pilotless ignition (also called automatic electric or automatic electronic ignition) eliminates the need to light the burners. It also saves money by using less gas than a standing pilot range. Because this system has no standing pilot light, no gas is being used unless it is needed.


With the spark igniter system, electricity simply sparks when the control is turned to the LITE position. Gas is simultaneously released and ignites when it comes in contact with the spark. Should there be a power failure, the oven will not function but the burners may be lit with a match. Simply hold the match near the burner, turn the control to LITE. Exercise extreme caution when lighting the burners in this manner.


The glo-bar in the oven will cycle on and off with the oven temperature. When it cycles on to heat, the gas valve opens and the gas is ignited. When the oven is at temperature, the gas valve closes there are no longer flames. You only use gas and see flames in the oven when the oven is actively heating.