GE Appliance - How to Obtain a Wiring Diagram or Schematic

A wiring diagram, also referred to as a mini-manual, is included with most GE Appliances products. If you need the wiring diagram, you can determine where to find it on your appliance by visiting our GE Appliance - Wiring Diagram Locations list on our website.


Please Note: Some window air conditioners and all dehumidifiers, compact refrigerators and small countertop microwaves do not have wiring diagrams available.


If you cannot locate the wiring diagram on your appliance, you can call the GE Appliances Answer Center to obtain one. You will need to have your complete model number. The diagram may be mailed or e-mailed. You can reach us by dialing 1-800-626-2005. We are available to handle your request Monday - Saturday, 8am to 7pm EST, closed Sunday.


You can also visit our Contact Us page to request a wiring diagram. If you are requesting a wiring diagram by sending us an email from the Contact Us page, choose the "Questions About an Appliance You Own" category on the Contact Us page. Then, on the email form select "Appliance Question" as the Reason For Message.