Washer - Clothes Still Wet After Spin Cycle is Complete

If the clothes seem too wet after the wash cycle is complete, the following are possible causes:


  • A "slow spin" may have been selected. A slow spin will eliminate less water than a fast spin.

  • Cold water can make clothes feel more wet. If this is not the case, service may be required.

  • Oversudsing from too much detergent may slow down the final spin cycle, causing a suds lock.


    • Lower than normal spin speed/wet clothes: this occurs as a result of oversudsing. The use of HE detergent will decrease the chance of suds lock; use HE detergent only and be sure to use the recommended measured amount. Run a drain/spin cycle to remove the excess water in the clothes.




For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.