Warming Drawer Temperature Ranges

The temperature range of warming drawers (alone or with range) is different from the oven control. It is what we call an “open loop system” that means there is no feedback to tell the control what the actual warming drawer temperature is. The temperature in the warming drawer will actually depend on the voltage at the house, the temperature of the room or drawer, the control selection, etc.

  • If the actual house voltage is lower than 120V, the temperature goes down
  • If the house voltage is higher, the temperature will go up

We recommend using the food item recommendations listed in the use and care book; however, if you need an approximate temperature range, please see the following:

  • Lo 140 - 170° F
  • Medium (mid position on the knob) 170 - 210° F
  • Hi 215 - 250° F

Preheating is not necessary for a warming drawer, unless recommended in the warming drawer guide (on some ranges) of the owner's manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.