Range Spectra and XL44

Some ranges have had marketing names, such as Spectra and XL44, printed on their control panels. These names were given to denote a particular feature or set of features. The name XL44 was given to certain gas ranges because of the extra large oven cavity, which was 4.4 cubic feet and one of the largest oven cavities on the market today.

Spectra was given to denote features such as a 5.0 cubic foot oven, true temp system, bake element type, etc. Spectra and XL44 are not the model numbers for your range and will not work in a search if used to look up owner’s manual, installation instructions or parts.

If you would like to find your true model number, visit: Need help finding your model number?

Owner’s ManualsYou can download a copy of your Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions from the GE Appliances website after you have found your model number. 


PartsIf you would like to purchase a part, please contact our GE Appliance Parts Center at 1.800.626.2002 or purchase a part online. Your model number will be required.