Refrigerator – RPWFE Operation and Troubleshooting

On Bottom Freezer refrigerator models that use the RPWFE water filter, the unit uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to detect leaks and monitor the filter status. The water filter cartridge is located inside the cartridge holder in the upper left corner of the fresh food compartment.


GE Appliances recommends that refrigerators with a water filtration system use only genuine GE Appliances water filters. This helps prevent water leaks. The RFID component is a part of the overall system that communicates with the refrigerator and shuts off the water supply in the event a leak is detected. Non-GE filters and counterfeit filters without this technology will not perform the same way in the event of a water leak. The refrigerator has the option to use a filter bypass plug should you not want to use a genuine GE Appliances water filter. Refrigerator - Bypass Plug.


  • The RPWFE filter will not shut off the water supply if a new filter is needed. The control will show the word expired and ask the user to accept continuing use of the water with the expired filter risk.


When the Replace Water Filter reminder appears on the dispenser control, replace the water filter or put in the filter bypass plug. The RFID will then automatically reset the Replace Water Filter reminder when a new RFID filter or the bypass plug is installed. The reminder cannot be manually reset.


The RPWFE filter transitioned to a new design at the beginning of 2017; however, it is backwards compatible.


If the dispenser is not working or the water filter reminder will not reset, you can check the following:


Incorrectly installed filter or by-pass plug:

  • When the filter or bypass plug is correctly installed, the word "FRONT" will be showing on the filter and the front label will be visible. If "BACK" is showing, then reverse the filter or bypass plug and reinstall it.

  • View a video on how to adjust your water filter:



  • Filter instructions are on an insert in the filter package. For an online copy, check out our RPWFE Filter Instructions.

    • If the white and gray parts on the filter housing inside the refrigerator are misaligned, the filter is prevented from being properly inserted into the housing. To correct this:

      1. Insert something round (for example, the handle end of a wooden spoon) into the white portion of the manifold in the filter housing.

        • Note: Do not insert anything sharp inside the filter housing such as a screw driver.

      2. Move the end of the wooden spoon in the filter housing toward the opened filter cover in order to match up the white and gray portions.

      3. Remove the spoon and the filter can now be inserted.


No filter or bypass plug installed:

  • Make sure the filter bypass plug or an RPWFE filter is being used.

  • This refrigerator requires an RPWFE filter to work correctly. Order a GE Appliance Part online


    • View a video on how to install a new RPWFE water filter:



    • Filter instructions are on an insert in the filter package. For an online copy, check out our RPWFE Filter Instructions.

  • When the filter bypass plug is installed, the display will show "Unfiltered Water" at the top right corner of the home screen on the display.

    • Refrigerator - Bypass Plug

    • If you need the filter bypass plug and one was not supplied with the refrigerator or has been misplaced, one can be ordered at no charge by calling 1-800-GECARES. In Canada, call 800-561-3344.

Incorrect filter:



  • If there is a leak detected, the dispenser will shut off. This would require a service call to correct.


If these tips do not help, try disconnecting power to the refrigerator for 1 minute to reset the unit. If you continue to have an issue, service may be needed. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.