Disposer Cleaning and Deodorizing

Disposers are self-cleaning when used properly. Always use a rapid flow of cold water and allow the unit to run long enough to do a thorough job of grinding the food waste and flushing through each operation.To clean or deodorize:

  • Should an odor develop in the unit, run an orange or lemon through the disposer. Cut into four quarters and grind it using an ample amount of water to flush.This will dispel unpleasant odors and leave the sink with a clean, sweet smell.
  • Grinding a dozen or so ice cubes sprinkled with a healthy amount of regular household scouring powder or baking soda also has a cleaning, deodorizing effect. Do not use water when grinding ice cubes. Repeat if chamber walls are not clean.
  • Use a Disposer Cleaner, like "Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner", part number WX10X10018.

Do not run lye or drain cleaners through disposer as they may cause corrosion of the metal parts.

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