Water Softener 5 Recharge / Regeneration Stages

After a period of time, the resin beads get coated with hard minerals and need to be cleaned. The cleaning process is called "recharge". Recharging consists of five stages: Fill, Brining, Brine Rinse, Backwash, and Fast Rinse.Note: The times for each of these stages are variable and change just about every time it regenerates based on how much water was used and what the system forecasts for water needs going forward. 

FillSalt dissolved in water is called brine. Brine is needed to clean the hard minerals from resin beads. To make the brine, water flows into the salt storage area during the fill stage.  Note:  Time can vary from a few minutes to maybe 20 minutes.




BriningDuring brining, brine travels from the salt storage area up into the resin tank. Brine is the cleaning agent needed to remove hard minerals from the resin beads. The hard minerals and brine are discharged into the drain.  Note:  Time can vary from 30 minutes to maybe 100 minutes.


The nozzle and venturi create a suction to move the brine, maintaining a very slow rate to get the best resin cleaning with the least amount of salt.




Brine RinseAfter a pre-measured amount of brine is used, the brine valve closes. Water then continues to flow in the same path as during brining, except without the brine. This flushes hard minerals and brine from the resin tank into the drain.




BackwashDuring backwash, water flows up through the resin tank at a fast flow rate. This flushes out an accumulated iron, dirt, and sediment from the resin bed and into the drain.   Note:  Time can vary generally 3-10 minutes.




Fast RinseBackwash is followed by a fast flow of water down through the resin tank. The fast flow flushes brine from the bottom of the tank. It also serves to pack in the resin beads. The water softener system returns to water softening service after fast rinse.  Note:  Time can vary generally 3-10 minutes.