Water Softener - Power Outage Memory

If power is interrupted to the water softening system (ex. power outage), the control will maintain its settings and time for 24 hours. Water will continue to flow through the softener and will be softened. 

Long power interruptions:

  • The control will keep the correct time for 24 hrs, even though the display will be blank and the indicator light is off. All other settings are maintained, even after 24 hrs.
  • When power is restored, you will not have to update the present time unless the display and blue indicator light are flashing. Since all other settings are maintained, they will not need to be reset unless you are making a change.
  • If the time on the display is flashing, the system will still continue to soften your water until it requires a recharge (cleaning cycle). If the time is not reset, the softener may recharge at the wrong time of day until you reset the correct time of day.


Power interruption during Recharge cycle

  • In the unlikely event that you have a power outage during the 90 minute regeneration cycle (occurs roughly every 7 days or every 3 days for very hard water), the softener will continue to discharge via the drain line until power is resorted and it completes the regeneration cycle. If this does occur, the bypass valve can activated to bypass the softener and stop the drain flow. At this time, the water will not be softened and the bypass valve will need to be reset once power is restored.