Water Softener - Installation Location

Consider the following when selecting an installation location for the water softener:



  • Locate the water softener inside where the temperatures do not drop below freezing and install the drain line to a floor drain, laundry tub, sump, standpipe or other options (check local codes) inside that are not subject to freezing.
  • When installing in an outside location you must take steps necessary to ensure the softener, installation plumbing and wiring are protected from the elements, direct sunlight, contamination, vandalism, insects, vermin, etc. Exposure to moisture can damage the electronic controls.
    • Note: In California, the unit would also need an earthquake strap to secure it.
  • Do not install the water softener in direct sunlight. Excessive heat from the sun may cause distortion or other damage to non-metallic parts.

Plumbing and Electrical

  • Install the water softener close to the water supply inlet, upstream of (before) any other plumbing connections except outside water pipes.
    • Outside faucets should stay on the hard water supply to avoid wasting soft water.
    • Install the water softener between the water inlet and the water heater.
    • For information about the proper order of installation of your water systems:



  • A nearby drain is needed to carry away the recharge (regeneration) discharge drain water. You may use a floor drain, laundry tub, sump, standpipe, etc., as allowed by your local plumbing codes.
    • Leave an air gap of 1-1/2" between the end of the hose and the drain. This helps prevent backflow of water into the softener.
    • Do not put the end of the drain hose in the drain.
  • Do not install the water softener where it could block access to the water heater or main shut-off valve.
  • We do not recommend connecting water softeners in parallel. A parallel installation will double the amount of water that could be conditioned but the hardness will be unchanged.

For more information about the installation of your water softening system, consult your Installation Instructions. Download a copy of your Installation Instructions.