Installing Reverse Osmosis with Refrigerator Filtration

We do not recommend installing a reverse osmosis on a refrigerator that has a Water by Culligan or SmartWater filtration system already installed.In order for the water valve to work properly, the refrigerator filtration system requires a minimum water pressure of 40 pounds per square inch (PSI). The pressure from the Premium Filtration (Reverse Osmosis) system will be approximately 1/2 of the original house water pressure. This reduction in water pressure can result in smaller ice cubes, as well as hollow ice cubes which in turn, will increase the likelihood that the dispenser will become jammed more often on models equipped with ice and water dispenser through the door.For example: If the house water pressure before installing a Premium Filtration (Reverse Osmosis) system is 60 PSI. The pressure coming out of the reverse osmosis will be 30 PSI. This low pressure can cause small/hollow ice.Note: If you have a refrigerator filter and you would like to use a Premium Filtration (Reverse Osmosis), it is not necessary to use the refrigerator filter. We recommend that you remove the filter and install the by-pass plug supplied when you purchased your refrigerator.