Water Softener Maintenance When You Go Vacation

Nothing special needs to be done to a SmartWater water softener when leaving for vacation. You can leave the water turned on to the units and you may wish to run the unit through a "regeneration cycle", but it is not necessary.GE water softeners regenerate depending on water demand. If no one is at home to use the water, it will not regenerate but it will just sit there. If you want to turn the unit off, just unplug it from the wall. This also holds true if you are leaving for more than a two week vacation i.e. summer home and closing home up for the winter.One exception is the GXSS17 model, which  is a timed softener that regenerates on a timer and will regenerate while you are on vacation or gone. Unplug the unit from the wall if you would like to stop the unit from regenerating. To put the unit into a regeneration cycle, push the "touch or hold" button on the control until "recharge now" flashes in the display. The unit will be ready to use after it has gone through the "recharge/regeneration", approximately 2 hours.